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JAC Consultants

Josan Agro Consultant (JAC) is a novel coalition of renowned Agricultural and horticultural Specialist and professionals to improve the Agriculture and horticulture sector. The (JAC) is formed to provide solutions to the ever present and perennial problems in agricultural & horticultural crops production by using latest practical technologies.

It caters to the needs of farmers, nursery growers and organizations/agencies in various areas of fruit and vegetable crops production and management. It provides expert consultancy and services in various areas of high quality production and post-harvest management Agricultural & horticultural crops, and development of projects on establishment of large hi-tech horticultural farms and nurseries.

JAC provides consultancy services for:

  • Seed production of high value vegetable crops and seed certification
  • Management of vegetables and fruit crops for high quality produce
  • Establishment and Management of high-tech orchards
  • Establishment and Maintenance of mother blocks of rootstocks and scions for fruit crops
  • Setting up and Management of Model Nurseries
  • Setting up of protected cultivation
  • Management of horticultural produce and seeds in stores and cold stores (e.g., potato, garlic, fruits)
  • Contract Farming for fruit and vegetable crops (e.g., garlic, peas, citrus etc) and basmati rice
  • Organic Farming & Certification of fruit and vegetable crops
  • Setting up of Vermicompost Units
  • Real Estate Landscaping
  • Marketing of horticultural produce and seeds
  • Project Consultants for Quality Output for Orchards, Vegetables, and Flower Farms
  • Assisting by Preparation of Projects for State and Central Government Subsidies
  • Development of Projects on establishment of large horticultural farms and nurseries and on basmati rice

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