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Josan Agro Consultants Founded in 2000 is complete service farm management Firm headquartered at Ludhiana City (Punjab), which provide multi-level management and consulting services for both Conventional and organic farms.Since its existence, our focus has remained consistent in striving to exceed our customer s’ expectations by providing professional, sustainable and profitable farm management services.

The whole planet is in a complicated situation nowadays with respect to the degradation of the environment and of nonrenewable natural resources caused by the nature of current society. It is necessary for that reason to implement alternative technologies that permit us to grow without destroying our environment. we are working on a Homeopathic based technology ,which is known as Agrohomeopathy. Agrohomeopathy is a Sustainable Alternative for Pest and Disease Control in Agricultural Production. Homeopathy has acquired the status of scientific knowledge through analyzed statistical and experimental results according to scientific tradition. The repetitions and adjustments to the experiments refer to the effects of the dynamizations on crops and seeds and the frequency and dosage of the applications under similar environmental conditions (Ruìz, 2003).Agrohomeopathy, a technique based on the use of infinitesimal doses of substances (Ruìz, 2005) is a good option for pest and disease control. It does not present any health risks to farmers or to the consumers of their products. In addition, it is a practical, effective and economical technique.

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