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Agrohomeopathy is a Sustainable Alternative for Pest and Disease Control in Agricultural Production.

The whole planet is in a complicated situation nowadays with respect to the degradation of the environment and of nonrenewable natural resources caused by the nature of current society. It is necessary for that reason to implement alternative technologies that permit us to grow without destroying our environment. The goal of conventional agriculture is to maximize profits, without taking into account the social costs or the environmental damage that might imply. Current agricultural practices significantly contribute to the deterioration of the environment. It is therefore necessary to develop and apply practices that are ecological and nonpolluting.

Agrohomeopathy is a new and modern approach which offers a viable option to the use of chemicals. It is nontoxic and does not pollute the environment. It is based on the principles of homeopathy and relies on clear and established rules of preparation and use.


The following advantages can be summarized under Homoeo farming.

• 1. It is a total and complete organic farming with assured yields.

• 2. Healthy soils, healthy plant life and healthy yields.

• 3. Improves the condition of humus- helpful to soil bacteria and other helping soil insects and pathogen.

• 4. Restores natural taste, color and flavor of the yields. The cooking quality of rice and other cereals improves very much.

• 5. Reduces incidence of pests and diseases.

• 6. Reduces the need of pest control measures.

• 7. Poison-free pest control methods.

• 8. Poison-free fodder, produces and food.

• 9. Removes environmental pollution and ecological disturbance.

• 10. The plants are not subjected to shocks due to chemical fertilizers and chemical pesticid

Plant Diseases Control and Agrihomeopathy

BROWN RUST OF CUCURBITS and Agrohomeopathy.

Root Knot Disease and Agrohomeopathy

Bacterial Disease of pomegranate Control by Agrohomeopathy.

Powdery Mildew of Pumpkin and agrohomeopathy.

Fusarium Wilt in Tomato Plants.

Early Blight on Tomatoes


Severe Cucurbit downy mildew symptoms on Cucurbit leaf,note angular shape of yellow lesions.

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